My birthday was great!

The night before: Got to go home early! Went to pick grandma up and got her perm. She’s the cutest. The perm took 3 hours but totally worth it. Had dinner at SongCooks with my family (yes, including evona..durr). I love when everyone is together, especially with good food.

Day of: Obviously, work was crazy as usual with a bunch of last minutes orders. My work family was so cute, they prepared a cake and even a card. What cuties. The picture obviously doesn’t do justice since Rach is missing. Gary got me my fav cake (Strawberry Shortcake) we ate and laughed. Love how special they make me feel. Growing up in an Asian home, there wasn’t any present or surprises. You always knew what you were going to get… a choice of durian sponge cake or dairy queen ice cream cake on the weekend after your birthday. Anywho, after-work Jared surprised me! He came home early, which was nice. He usually comes home around 9pm but he came to pick me up from work #spoiled. We napped and when we woke up we went out! Thursday night drunk. It was bad, I got so drunk and had really good wings DUFFS.

The next day: work was super relaxed. We didn’t really do much, well I didn’t. David made lunch and it was AMAZING! Pork chop with potato medallion and salsa! YumYum. He is such a great cook.

Anywho, another year older and still I feel no difference. I always felt older than my “actual” age. What I did realize is that gifts no longer matter. It’s whos actually there on your birthday. The people you decide to share your time with. Year after year, the numbers get smaller but the people get more significant. Enough deep talk for the night. I shall post some pictures 🙂 Enjoy!

Happy Reading!