Hello! Finally a weekend to myself. It’s been a while… I’ve been busy with family. First off! Congratulations to Steve & Andrea!!! They are becoming parents!! How exciting. So happy for the two of them, can’t wait for this March baby. And now.. what you have all been waiting for. Vegas.

Vegas was an amazing time. Full of laughs, fun, good food and even better company. We left on a Wednesday morning and come home early morning Monday. Etty was nice enough to let me have Monday off as well to recover. There are a couple highlights of the trip and I will break them down into different posts. This post will just be super general. Our flights were super smooth, nothing to complain about. When we arrived Jared surprised us with a STRETCH LIMO. First limo for me and it was amazing. Was greeted with champagne (we fancy) and the chauffeur even had a big sign with “Jared Palmer”. Felt VIP. We headed to the hotel and it was just extravagant. We walked in and got settled into our rooms. We were lucky enough to get two attached suites! We freshened up and headed to the casino.

I’ve been to Vegas before… I was 12. So to be 23 and to actually experience Vegas. It was something else. All the flashy lights, the bootylicious ladies and the amount of “WOO” girls are the words I would use to describe my time in Vegas. Jokes. We got to the Casino floor (we stayed at the Bellagio btw) and we started together and slowly drifted apart. Jared and I like to play the slot machines together. Yah.. we ghay like that. towards the end, we were barely together on the same slot but we always met up every 30mins and made sure we shared our gambling experience. I would say that Kelly won the most in Vegas, he kept hitting little jackpots here and there. Good for Kell! So happy for her 🙂 I won a big jackpot of $726 on the day we were living and Jared did pretty well too. Ma didn’t win much but she was the reason we all won. Literally. Whenever she was around one of us… we would hit the bonus. You go Ma!

The food in Vegas was amazing. Out of this world. There was a lot of restaurants with Michelin Stars but honestly… all the food we had was sooo good.  The best meal I had was the Chicken and Waffle dish at Yardbird Southern Bar & Table. The best fry chicken ever. Drinks were good… when you gambled, you get the drink for free… which was great! Started off with my usual rum&coke but ended up switching to vodka&cranberry. V&C is so much easier to drink.

We went to a couple of shows and did some crazy experience but they will get their own post. Too much to talk about. Anywhos, thanks for reading and keep your head up for my following posts!

Happy Reading 🙂

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