Next Stop… Vegas!


Sitting here with Ma and Jared waiting for Kelly to arrive. We can’t wait for Vegas! This will be the first time and I cannot wait for the food. Yes, this trip will be full of good food and quality time with my¬†book. Cannot wait to sit by the pool and tan. Work has been good, really quiet so I haven’t been doing much. Literally, I haven’t been doing anything. Cannot wait till September rolls in, the crazy big last minute orders, and I even kind of miss the crazy customer request. The satisfaction that I get from a successful day is the thing I most crave for right now.

The thing I have been dreading most is happening. Danny is leaving and there is nothing I can do. We went out last night with Rachel, Luis, and Nirvana. It was nice to see everyone out of their work clothes and a couple drinks in. It was nice to see Danny out of work. Been working for almost a year together and never shared a drink together.I will truly miss Dan. Ahh! Can’t even type about it without being sad. So I shall post about him another day. A day I can sit in my room alone, and basically write a goodbye letter to Danny. Love you, Danny!

Anywho, I will try to post in Vegas on Jared’s laptop but no promises. Wish me luck!!

Happy Reading!

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