Night It Up!


The highlight of the day was the night market! This is the first time going to the night market in Markham. I’ve always been to the ones downtown. It was much bigger and also the first time going in the daylight. I’m usually there when it’s dark out and it’s super packed! Headed there after Jared and I went to go hit some balls at Angus Glens. Such a beautiful course, I hope one day I get to play there. So expensive for a round but what a beautiful course it is.

When we got there it was pretty packed but the line ups weren’t too crazy. We started off with lamb skewers and HUGE curry fish balls. We met up with my fam, evona’s fam (aka second fam). It was nice to see everyone, even if we didn’t hang out all night, just nice to see each other. I got Takoyaki for my parents to try cause ‘everyone’ has to try it! Jared and I drifted off to find other fun stuff. We waiting in line at Two Park which served Korean chicken skewers. Got Chatime and the last thing we got were the giant squids… so good! The BBQ squid skewers always reminds me of Beijing food carts. Good memories!

Anywho, good day 🙂 Tomorrow I’m getting my nails did with Rachel and having dindin with my Family before we head out to VEGAS BABY!

Happy Reading!!

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