What have I been up to lately? A whole lot of nothing! Work and work have consumed me. Last weekend Evona, Branson, Olivia, Winston all came over for dinner at my parents. Mom and dad prepared Nam Nuong and it was bomb dot com. It was nice to have them over. Don’t really have cousins that live in Toronto so it’s nice to eat and joke with people our age. My parents love hosting, so they had a blast. That’s something I love about my mother. She complains and worries all day about if there’s enough food or how the house is not clean enough. She goes through all that stress because she loves when people love her food. Makes her so darn happy. We ate so much and played mahjong. Winston taught us the proper way of playing and it is so much more intense. My parents and grandparents were all watching and evona kept winning! That’s ma girl!

Hopefully, this can happen more often. Can’t find people this simple and good hearted anymore. Super rare. Going to make sure we keep close!

Happy Reading!


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