I’m back!

Was in a little funk and didn’t feel motivated to blog but I feel a lot better! So the past couple of weeks has been eventful. Spent Canada Day weekend with Jared’s Dad and Mere! We scooped up the kids from London and headed up to St. Joseph Island. A bit of a drive but we got there safe! Pa and Mere recently moved into a trailer park. Dad was tired of working and Mere was getting old and it was time to retire! So they did it, I am so happy for them! They are healthy, happy and there is nothing more I can ask for.

There isn’t much to do on the island, but there is golf! We golfed two out of the 3 days we were there. We had campfires and I ever had my first ever smores! It was some gooey deliciousness. Dad and Mere fed us well and we had the BEST naps. On Canada’s Day, we woke up early and headed to watch the tractor pull parade. that’s right. a tractor pull parade. It is exactly what you would have imagined. a bunch of old tractors slowly driving down the streets. the people on the island were ready to party! they were all dressed up and cheering at every single tractor that passed. it was truly and once in a lifetime experience. After the parade, we headed down to the water for the art show. Pa is hilarious. There was a man there selling his wood works. Pa said to me “People like them call it craft, I call it crap” BOOM! Pa and his one liners. The best part of the whole trip was the firework display. The trailer park collected $20 per family and had the most amazing firework show ever. By the way, we were literally 15 feet away from the fireworks. Closest show by far.

We drove back to Toronto with the kids and the kids were so excited. They love Toronto. Especially Karis, her eyes light up and she’s just so much happier. She really wants to move to Toronto and I hope she does. We spent the day going out and shopping for the kids, eating and napping. By the 5th day, the kids were getting to Jared and I. We were miserable but didn’t show it cause the kids would know. But we managed almost a week with the kids and we got a handle on things.

Ouuu I almost forgot about bringing the kids to my parents and my parents instantly fell in love with Markus. He was talking to my dad so much. Haven’t seen my dad that happy in a while. Markus was helping my parents make lobster, it was literally the cutest thing. Markus eating the lobster was even cuter! Markus was so impressed by steson’s Pokemon collection and fancy car. He was so inspired and even got a Pokemon book like steson.

Anywho, that was the Canada day festivity. It was great. I love the kids like they are my own.

Happy Reading!

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