Long Day Indeed!


Hello, peeps. It’s been a hell of a day. Busy busy day today and we did pretty well. Super proud of the team that we have. This is more of a rant than anything else. So, a few weeks ago a client Sue dropped by and placed a 2-day order with us. 2 breakfast and 2 lunch for the same group of individual. She was great to work with, lovely lady and all. Today, I come to work and Etty tells me that she called and complained about how the food seemed ‘little’, not enough for 65 people. Etty ensures her and even guaranteed her that it will be enough. Lunch comes along and we deliver her order and she literally has Dan stand there and count out EACH AND EVERY wrap. Second, she said she did not order the vegetarian options nor did she order the Greek pita wraps. I was instantly shocked and we quickly made 23 more wraps. HOWEVER, she did not give back the vegetarian or the Greek pita “that she did not order”. She said she was worried that people might want them. What a joke. she tells Dan how she is embarrassed and so disappointed with our service. Not sure if this was your first-time lady, but Pumpernickel’s have been in business for 40 years… pretty sure we know what the fuck we’re doing. Anywho, she calls me at 4 pm and I explain to her why I am charging her for 23 additional wraps. She goes on and on how this is our mistake and that she is going to go on our Facebook page and tell everyone. I apologized that she is not happy with our service and that we did our absolute best to take care of her. She has a call with Etty tomorrow. Can’t wait for the BS this woman comes up with. She even threatened to cancel tomorrow’s order but I told her we have a cancellation policy. I have a feeling she wouldn;t have anyways. She prepared this 2 weeks in advance and still couldn’t give us the right credit card. pretty sure she can’t order pizza without having a face to face chat about what type of tomato sauce is being used.

Tomorrow is another busy day and I cannot wait to be done with this customer’s order.

Done with my rant! Gooood night 🙂

Addons: Yesterday she called to give us her credit card info and she was talking to Rachel and said how she didn’t have a good feeling about this and even asked Rachel if she worked at Pumpernickel’s. What?!?!?!

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