For Employers: Welcome to my website! It’s a place for me to explore┬áthe behind-the-scene work of a website. You will find lots of photos of my friends, family and of course delicious food. Feel free to explore and learn a little bit of me. Thanks for the visit!

Hello Beautiful People!

Welcome to my world/my website. I am excited to build this blog into something really special for myself and for you (whomever that may be). My name is Stephanie Tieu. I am a blend of Chinese/Vietnamese/Cambodian. Born on September 7th, 1993. I am family oriented. I love food and bubble tea. I graduated from University of Guelph-Humber majoring in Marketing. I have a younger brother and I am very proud of him. Evona Ma, is my sister from another mister. SQUID is life. I have the cutest dog, McCoy. What else is there to say. I am an asian girl, who loves her family and appreciates good food.